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Best Flooring for a Mid-Century Modern Home

Few interior design styles are as iconic and timeless as mid-century modern. This trend’s characteristics combine earthy, natural elements with sleek, modern features reflecting the transition from traditional to urban designs. You can bring your home’s architecture, decor or furniture together by incorporating complementary flooring.

Quality floors will emphasize functionality in your space and act as a foundation to mix warm tones with pops of color. With expertise and guidance from a full-service flooring provider, you can find the best match to harmonize your indoor and outdoor living.

Top Flooring Choices for Mid-Century Modern Homes

No two mid-century modern homes are alike, despite sharing the goal of achieving clean lines and retro style. Because your home is unique, there is no right or wrong choice. Here are some of the most common mid-century modern flooring options for your home.

1. Laminate

Are you looking for a long-lasting, affordable, versatile material? Laminate flooring works well with nearly any home and decor style. You can choose from a wide range of colors, types and textures to achieve the look of stone or hardwood. Mid-century modern laminate flooring also offers a more comfortable, durable experience. With multilayered construction and moisture resistance, you won’t have to worry about stains or fading. Upgrade your mid-century home with sleek, clean laminate flooring.

2. Vinyl

Luxury vinyl floors are a go-to style for homeowners who want the look and feel of hardwood floors without the expense. Mid-century modern vinyl flooring provides a simple, durable backdrop for your decor and furniture.

Whether you’re aiming for an authentic, retro style or something more sophisticated and chic, you can achieve it with luxury vinyl flooring. Additionally, this material requires little to no maintenance and has waterproof properties.

3. Tile

When you think of mid-century modern design, do you envision geometric patterns or black-and-white checkered tiles? If so, mid-century modern flooring tile might be your best choice. It works well in virtually any space, from kitchens to dining rooms to bathrooms.

You can echo the mid-century modern vibe while adding your unique touch with sleek, minimalist designs or geometrical shapes to match your decor. Tile floors are highly durable and damage-resistant, as long as you don’t mind occasional grout cleaning.

4. Hardwood


Wood will highlight the fusion of organic and human-made materials. Whether you’re upgrading your living room, bedroom or another space, hardwood flooring pairs beautifully with mid-century aesthetics. Hardwood flooring comes in many styles, colors and grains to help you achieve clean lines throughout your home.

Hardwood gives you the versatility to build your space as you see fit. Keep the floors sleek and clean or add a rug that matches your decor. Authentic hardwood can be more expensive than other materials, but it’s relatively easy to maintain and adds to your home’s resale value.

5. Carpet

Carpet flooring was an essential element of the mid-century modern aesthetic in many homes. Installing plush, soft carpet can instantly create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Carpeting also dampens sound and adds a cozy feel to your home’s interior.

You can achieve a mid-century look with many carpet styles and colors. Textured, dense carpets can hide imperfections like stains and spills. Carpet is also one of the most affordable flooring options and installs quickly, so you can enjoy your design sooner.

Maximizing Your Mid-Century Modern Home’s Potential With the Right Flooring

There are plenty of mid-century modern flooring ideas to inspire you, so how do you narrow it down? Here are some tips for selecting the best flooring for your home.

  • Durability: It’s no secret that some flooring materials are more durable than others. Consider the purpose of your remodel and the activities that will occur in the space. For instance, if your kitchen gets tons of foot traffic from children and pets, you may install hardwood for maximum durability.
  • Aesthetics: Would you prefer flooring that mimics hardwood or stone? If appearance is a top priority, you’ll want to compare samples to see which textures, styles, colors and designs best fit the mid-century modern look.
  • Budget: Upfront and long-term costs are essential considerations before starting a home project. Set a maximum budget so you can look at flooring options that fit your requirements. You’ll also want to consult with a flooring expert about which materials may require more extensive maintenance and repair costs over time.
  • Future style: Mid-century modern is a classic interior design style that’s here to stay. However, consider whether your needs or preferences may change. Some colors and materials may not blend well with a new style. If you frequently redecorate, consider picking a neutral floor and adding rugs that reflect your current aesthetic.

Flooring Installation and Services by TC Floors & Design

The mid-century modern style has stood the test of time. Whether you want to create a space that’s straight out of the ‘50s and ’60s or add subtle interior design touches like sleek lines and geometric shapes, the flooring you choose will tie it all together.

At TC Floors & Design — recently rebranded from I Luv My Floors — we know every aspect of your space contributes to your home’s look and feel. As a full-service flooring provider, we’re passionate about providing a seamless remodeling experience for all our customers. We’ll guide you throughout the entire installation project, which includes:

  • Providing samples
  • Conducting in-home measurements
  • Giving project estimates
  • Scheduling your remodel with our installation coordinator
  • Installing flooring
  • Care and maintenance support

At TC Floors & Design, we’re proud to offer shop-at-home installation services that make floor remodeling as straightforward and personalized as possible.

Bring Your Mid-Century Modern Home to Life With Perfect Flooring

Floor remodeling is about so much more than achieving a trendy look. At TC Floors & Design, we understand the importance of finding flooring that fits your budget, maintenance and unique style. That’s why we provide unwavering support, from viewing samples to providing ongoing care and maintenance tips.

Our design consultants will be happy to help you find what you’re looking for to enhance your mid-century modern home. We invite you to schedule an in-home consultation or visit our showroom to learn how we can assist you and browse our flooring options online to visualize your new space.


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