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Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

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Your floors make up a significant portion of your interior decor, so naturally, you want them aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting and complimentary to the rest of your interior. Luxury vinyl tile flooring allows you to choose from numerous quality hardwood and stone lookalike options, giving you elegant, hard-wearing, cost-effective floors in your desired color.

At TC Floors & Design, we take pride in providing a wide range of luxury vinyl tile flooring through our installation services via our in-home shopping solutions, giving you the utmost convenience. Shop our luxury vinyl tile flooring in our showroom or by scheduling an in-home consultation.

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What Is Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring?

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring combines the class of hardwood and natural stone flooring with the strength and affordability of vinyl flooring in the shape of a tile. These tiles come in different sizes, letting you choose from a few style and layout options. They include the following essential layers:

  • Protective wear layer: Clear, strong top layer, textured to give you the feel of wood or stone.
  • Image layer: High-resolution printed layer under the wear layer showing your chosen hardwood or natural stone finish.
  • Central structure: Thick, strong vinyl layer, which is the bulk of the tile and where they interlock with each other.
  • Backing layer: Softer cork or foam layer at the bottom that absorbs sound, reduces noise in your room and cushions the shock of any impact with your floor.

The Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tiles

When deciding whether to install LVT flooring, understanding its many benefits will help you determine if it’s the best choice for your home. These benefits include:

  • Extensive range of options: Ensure your LVT flooring matches your style with your choice of hardwood grain and natural stone-look finishes.
  • Lasting floors: Benefit from an investment that will stand the test of time, as vinyl flooring is highly resilient.
  • Versatile placement: Install your stain-, water- and scratch-resistant LVT flooring in almost any type of space.
  • Cost-effective price: Level up your interior with an elegant-looking, cost-effective floor.
  • Minimal maintenance: Save time, as no specialized maintenance or sealants are needed to keep your LVT floors looking good.

Why Choose TC Floors & Design for Your LVT Flooring

Partnering with our passionate and talented team for your luxury vinyl tile floor installation ensures you’ll benefit in the following ways:

  • In-home shopping convenience: Our shop-at-home service allows you to book a consultation at a convenient time and we’ll send one of our professionals to your home to show you samples and answer your questions.
  • Guaranteed installation: We give you peace of mind with a guarantee that covers the workmanship of the installation carried out by our highly skilled team.
  • Premium quality products: TC Floors & Design has partnered with the leading flooring manufacturers and suppliers, ensuring you receive top-tier flooring products with our installations.
  • Helpful finance option: Our financing options let you pay your flooring off over 12 months after installation.
  • Sustainable approach: We care about the environment, so we’ve partnered with the Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE), ensuring we recycle your old carpets responsibly.
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World-Class Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring in San Francisco, CA

At TC Floors & Design, we leverage our 30 years of industry experience to bring you unparalleled installation services using best-in-class flooring products and consistent customer satisfaction in the San Francisco Bay area. Schedule your appointment online today or call us at (805) 334-8253 to book an appointment for your in-home shopping consultation.

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