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Vinyl Care & Maintenance

Preventative Vinyl Maintenance

Vinyl care and maintenance are relatively simple!

Sweeping is the best way to actively help prolong the lifespan of your vinyl floors By working to remove dust, sand, and grit particles, you can help to ensure that your floors do not get scratched or take on a grungy look as time passes. How often you sweep will depend on the foot traffic and overall wear and tear of the room.

You might also elect to wet mop your vinyl floors with an approved cleaning solution. When doing so, be careful not to allow water to pool on any one area of your vinyl floors. Just because vinyl floors have waterproof properties, that doesn’t mean that they should be drowned in water.

Placing mats or rugs at every outside entry to your room will also help ensure that your vinyl takes on less wear and tear.

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Dealing With Vinyl Spills & Stains

To prevent stains and lingering messes on vinyl flooring, wipe up any spills immediately after they occur. Whether it’s vinyl or another type of flooring, you should also be in the habit of addressing messes right away to prevent long-term damage to your floors. Vinyl is resistant to spills, but the longer you wait, the more likely it is that an issue arises.

You may use a manufacturer-approved cleaning solution on your vinyl floors as well.

For solid messes, use your broom.

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