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Laminate Care & Maintenance

Preventative Laminate Maintenance

Laminate floors are a stylish and low-maintenance flooring option for your home!

Fortunately, for homeowners, laminate floors are relatively low maintenance but can be harmed when dirt and other debris gather in cracks and crevasses. This can be avoided by sweeping, dust mopping, or vacuuming regularly to remove loose dirt and grit. This debris can scratch your laminate floors and cause them to take on a more grungy look, so it is good to sweep your floors often.

An occasional damp mopping is also suggested. However, your laminate flooring can expand if excessive water is used while cleaning, so wipe your floors down with a dry cloth when finished.

Encourage guests to remove their shoes before walking on your laminate floors as well.

laminate floor cleaning

Dealing With Laminate Spills & Stains

With laminate, spills, and stains are not much of a cause for concern. By simply acting fast when/if a spill occurs, you can prevent your laminate flooring from taking on any long-term damage when accidents happen. Should you find yourself having to clean up a spill on your laminate flooring, promptly clean up the mess with a towel. That should virtually eliminate the possibility of a stain or lingering mess if done immediately after the spill occurs.

For solid messes, sweep them up with your broom.

wine spill on laminate floor
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