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Hardwood Care & Maintenance

Preventative Hardwood Maintenance

When it comes to hardwood floors, general maintenance is actually quite simple. The best way to keep your hardwood looking great is to sweep it regularly. By sweeping your hardwood, you are actively removing dirt, dust, and other debris that can scratch and prove harmful to your hardwood flooring.

Some may elect to vacuum their hardwood flooring to keep it clean, but if you do this, then make sure that you remove the beater bar from the vacuum, as this can scratch your hardwood floors.

You may also elect to mop your hardwood floors periodically. This can prove helpful in eliminating hard-to-reach dirt. But if you do this, be mindful of letting water pool up in areas of your hardwood, as this can cause damage to the subflooring.

You should also encourage guests to remove their shoes before entering your home and/or place entry mats at the doors of your home.

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Dealing With Hardwood Spills & Stains

Fortunately, spills and stains on hardwood flooring are no big thing!

One of the great attributes of hardwood flooring is that spills & stains are not a cause for concern. When/if you have a nasty spill on your beautiful hardwood floors, simply wipe away the substance with a towel or cloth and go about your day. It’s really that easy.

Should you find that something did work its way into your hardwood floor, consult the manufacturer’s guidelines on how to proceed. You can sweep up solid messes on your hardwood flooring with considerable ease too.

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