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Bathroom Flooring

Whether you’ve just moved in to an older home, are planning to sell your house or simply want to refresh your space, you may be interested in updating your bathroom flooring. The bathroom is a unique space, and factors like steam and moisture mean you can’t just choose any type of flooring for it.

If you plan on getting new floors for your bathroom, you’ll need to consider the type of floor you want, how much use your bathroom experiences and your budget. Taking a step back to evaluate your lifestyle and decor needs will help you choose the best flooring for your bathroom.

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Types of Flooring for Your Bathroom

The most suitable bathroom flooring options will hold up against moisture while complementing your bathroom’s design. Most homeowners prefer tile or waterproof luxury vinyl for their floors for their durability and beauty. Here’s a quick overview of both floor types:

Ceramic Tile

Using floor tiles for bathrooms is one of the most popular options due to their ease of maintenance and ability to withstand wear. In particular, ceramic tile makes for impeccable waterproof flooring for your bathroom, allowing you to quickly wipe away water that might spill over from the shower or sink. This flooring style comes in numerous varieties, so you can select the color and pattern option that works best for your existing bathroom design.

Luxury Vinyl

When you choose waterproof luxury vinyl, you get easy-to-clean flooring that protects the floor’s lower layers from water damage. This flooring type is ideal if you have children or pets, as it won’t scuff as easily as other flooring styles — just make sure to care for your vinyl per the manufacturer’s guidelines to help it last as long as possible. Consider vinyl planks or tiles to create the perfect look in your bathroom.

Considerations When Choosing Flooring

The best flooring for a bathroom depends on various factors, and your choice might differ from someone else’s. As you consider your options, review the following points to help you make the best decision.

1. Your Budget

Typically, your budget will determine what type of flooring you’ll get. There are various budget-friendly options available, so you’ll likely be able to choose from different options while keeping costs within your desired price range. Working with a professional flooring company can also be beneficial, allowing you to get access to helpful specials or deals.

2. Who Uses the Bathroom

Are you updating the flooring in your home’s main bathroom, your child’s bathroom or your primary bathroom? Depending on who uses the bathroom most often, you may need to choose one type of flooring over another.

For example, ceramic tile is perfect for high-foot-traffic bathrooms, as it can last upwards of 30 years before needing replacing. In comparison, luxury vinyl flooring might be best for the bathroom your kids use, thanks to its ability to withstand scratches and water damage underneath.

3. The Bathroom’s Size and Layout

The size of your bathroom could affect which type of flooring you choose. If your bathroom is relatively small, you may be able to spend more on an especially high-quality flooring type. Conversely, a large bathroom with a tub, shower and double sinks might mean water resistance is your top priority, which can drive your decision.

4. The Bathroom’s Design

If done strategically, the floor of your bathroom can determine its entire look. For example, a beautiful white tile can perfectly complement an already modern bathroom. In comparison, a luxury vinyl plank that resembles wood could be a stunning option for a bathroom with a nature-inspired feel.

If you wish to make the bathroom appear larger, lighter flooring colors will work best, and arranging vinyl planks in a certain way can create the illusion of a wider space. Note that bigger tiles can make an already small space appear smaller, so keep that in mind when selecting tile for your bathroom.

5. Maintenance

Choosing resilient materials like ceramic or vinyl means you can spend less time on maintenance and enjoy a long-lasting investment. Simply sweeping and mopping the floor every few weeks will help you maintain a stunningly clean bathroom. Always follow the flooring manufacturer’s recommendations when cleaning so you can help your flooring last.

Benefits of Shopping at Home for Bathroom Flooring

These days, choosing new flooring for your home can happen right from the comfort of your living room. One of the most significant benefits of shopping at home for your new floor is seeing how flooring samples can look in your bathroom.

Once the flooring expert arrives for your in-home flooring consultation, you can look through the options, see how they look in your space and work with them to decide on the best choice for your specific needs. As a result, you can make a much more informed flooring choice.

Check out some other benefits of at-home flooring shopping:

  • Convenient appointment scheduling: Choose a time that works for you, and a professional will come to your home with various flooring samples. There’s no need to spend time traveling to a public showroom — everything happens as conveniently as possible for you.
  • Accurate flooring assessments: When you shop from home, your flooring professional has the benefit of seeing your bathroom and can measure the space, check your current floors’ condition and complete the ordering process. Plus, you have the freedom and time to talk about payment options and agree on an installation date.

Transform Your Bathroom With TC Floors & Design

With many flooring options and factors to consider, you may not know where to begin when it comes to choosing the best flooring for your bathroom. That’s why it’s essential to work with a reputable flooring company. At TC Floors & Design, we know you want to invest in only the most durable and beautiful flooring options for your space, which is why we offer a simple yet comprehensive in-home floor shopping and installation process.

After you book your consultation, one of our flooring professionals will arrive at your home on the scheduled day and complete a thorough assessment, showing you samples and answering all of your questions. Once you pick out your flooring, we’ll set up an installation time, and our knowledgeable crew will complete the job. It’s that seamless!

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