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Beautiful Hardwood Flooring System

Our Flooring Installation Team Has Countless Enchanting Floor Materials for You to Discover!

A brand new flooring installation dramatically alters the appearance of your home, providing a fresh, clean atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. Replacing your carpet, tile, vinyl, or hardwood flooring is a trying task however, one that requires careful planning and precise craftsmanship. That’s where our local flooring installers come in! At Tri County Design Center, we offer a vast selection of flooring materials for your design delight, but we’re best known for our impeccable service and lasting results.

Are you preparing to replace your floors? Our experienced floor installers would love to complete the work for you! Whether your family is still looking for that perfect new hardwood floor, or you already have your eye on an eye-catching tile, our courteous professionals are here for you. Talk with one of our local flooring contractors today by calling us at (707) 772-1272. They’ll be happy to consult with you on your flooring installation in Petaluma, CA or in any nearby communities.

Affordable Flooring Installation

One of the most exciting parts about remodeling your bathroom or kitchen is picking out a gorgeous new floor! That all starts with establishing your functional, design, and budgetary needs, a process that ensures stronger satisfaction when your project is finished. Our local flooring installers offer valuable insights to guide the material search, which is why so many of our clients ultimately find a flooring solution they can fall in love with!

Now, there are countless materials, textures, and colors available for your future flooring installation. At Tri County Design Center, we support all manner of solutions so that your family can easily discover your dream floor! Learn more about each floor installation service below.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floor Installation

A Bedroom With Hardwood Floors

Few Materials Can Beat the Rustic Charm of Natural Hardwood Flooring!

With so many quality hardwood solutions available on the market, homeowners can easily find their own exquisite wood flooring! For families that suffer from allergens stuck in the carpet, hardwood floors provide beautiful solid surfaces that are simple to clean. Our team at Tri County Design Center offers several fantastic and long-lasting hardwood floors, both in solid and engineered materials.

Each hardwood material comes with unique benefits. Laminates provide a very affordable alternative to traditional wood flooring, while also emulating the classic aesthetic you know and love. Bamboo, on the other hand, features wonderful water resistance and toughness that’s comparable to sturdy oak. Newer cork flooring supplies powerful protection against mold, rot, mildew, and wood pests. Of course, there are the traditional wooden materials, such as oak, maple, and cherry, all of which provide gorgeous coloring for your home. 

No matter which beautiful solid or engineered material your family desires, you can count on our skilled and experienced contractors for flooring installation in Petaluma, CA! We’d love to talk with you about your upcoming floor replacement. Give us a call today!

Tile Flooring

Tile Floor Installation

Lovely Pattern in Tile Flooring

Vivid Patterns and Elegant Hues Make Tile a Gorgeous Flooring Option.

Do you dream of an elegant tile floor for your home? Your interior design will flourish with an expertly-crafted and patterned design. Whether your family selects porcelain, granite, marble, slate, limestone, onyx, ceramic, sandstone, quartzite, travertine, or sandstone, you can be absolutely certain that your installation will last for decades to come. 

So find that classic white or vivacious colored tile that fits your personal flair! Your personal floor installers will walk you through each step of the process so that you know exactly what to expect. We can even help you discover the material that best fits your budget and design needs. Give our team a call today to learn more!

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring Installation

A Modern Style Home With Vinyl Flooring

With Vinyl, You Don’t Need to Worry About Moisture Damage or Lack of Colors!

When you crave luxury, color, and affordability for your home, vinyl offers the perfect flooring solution for you! Whether you’re looking to redesign for your kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom, our premium vinyl experts are happy to assist you with planning and professional installation. Flooring manufacturing companies have developed new vinyl plank products that simulate the appearance of natural wood floors. Now anyone can enjoy the appearance of hardwood floors, with stronger resistance against moisture damage.

The only difficulty with vinyl floors is picking out your perfect style from the myriad of colors and textures. If you’d like to learn more about vinyl flooring and how to make it work for your home design, give our flooring installation contractors a call today!

Carpet Floors

Carpet Installation

A Study With Tortilla Brown Carpet

What Sort of Carpet Best Fits Your Home Design?

Nothing beats the sensation of sinking your toes into cozy carpet flooring! At Tri County Design Center, we supply a wealth of attractive carpet styles and textures. Some are designed for maximum resilience against pets and heavy foot traffic. Others excel at creating a luxurious aesthetic and masking the presence of dirt. With our knowledgeable floor installers, you’ll enjoy the exciting of discovering your own special carpet, a solution that meets each of your color, style, and functional needs!

Whether you crave frieze or Saxony, cut or loop pile, we have the carpet you desire. Consult with one of our local flooring contractors about which design best matches your home decor.

Countertop Installation

Granite Stone Countertop

Learn More About Our Gorgeous Quartz and Granite Countertops!

Our skilled contractors are more than flooring installers. They also offer exquisite craftsmanship for your new countertop installation! The ideal countertop serves as a gorgeous bridge between your flooring and the cabinet space above. Within the kitchen, this functional cooking space needs to guard against hot pots and pans, scratches, and other hazards. For the bathroom, your countertop most endure consistent moisture, hot curling irons, and a myriad of oily grooming products and toiletries.

Besides the classic granite, limestone, and marble solutions, our crew also supplies lovely laminates, composites, quartz, and other popular countertop materials! This makes it easier than ever to find your perfect color and texture for any room in the house. Make sure you talk with our seasoned interior contractors about all your remodeling needs, from countertops to flooring installation in Petaluma, CA. Call us today at (707) 772-1272.

Our Services

Cabinet Installation and Refinishing

Aged White Cabinet Installation

Lovely Cabinets Complete the Overall Aesthetic for Your Kitchen and Bathroom.

To tie off your exciting bathroom and kitchen remodel, our interior contractors provide premium cabinet installation and finishing services. As the eye-level element of your kitchen and bathroom design, it’s critically important that your cabinets complement the rest of your interior decor. Degraded cabinets can be a real eyesore, but our team at Tri County Design Center is happy to help you fix that! If you’re looking for a completely new cabinet system, you’ll love the impeccable work of our seasoned professionals.

Of course, we also have numerous attractive finishes to capitalize on your existing cabinet system. It’s easy to transform a bland or deteriorated cabinet exterior with a fresh layer of color, glaze or staining! Our professionals can also create a vintage aesthetic with one of our beautiful finishes.

Get Your Estimate for Floor Installation Service!

From luxurious bathroom designs to gorgeous kitchen remodels, our interior contractors offer countless ways to help as you craft your dream home. We’d love to consult with you on design elements and materials, and we can’t wait to assist you! To learn more about our services, including our flooring installation in Petaluma, CA, give the team a call at (707) 772-1272.