When Should Carpet Be Replaced?

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How Much Does it Cost to Carpet a House?

If you are pondering how much it will cost for carpet for house, you’re not alone. Many homeowners correspondingly consider different flooring options for different rooms in their home, and this process involves the calculated cost of proper installation. There are three main factors that will contribute to average cost per square foot in your home: carpet style, padding, and installation.

What is the Most Durable Type of Carpet?

If you have pets, or a large family, you know the value of a carpet that will stand the test of time. For casual rooms with high traffic, you will want to consider a highly twisted carpet. The evolved version of the ‘shag’ carpet from the 1960’s and 70’s is called frieze. This carpet is characterized by elongated fibers that have a high twist. The higher the level of twist, the more impact it can stand over time. Foot impact can be described as a hammer. Over time, the fibers unravel, and lose integrity, with increasing impact from foot traffic. When a fiber is tightly twisted, it is more resistant to this pressure, as the pressure pushes back, and is more resilient.

One of the disadvantages to frieze carpet is that they can be difficult to clean. Carpets with tighter, shorter piles are easier to clean because the potential spill will sit on top of the carpet, making it easier to clean and remove the carpet stain.

Close-up of off-white pile carpet.

Which Carpet is Best for the Living Room?

Living rooms are a part of the home where everyone can gather together and engage in activities. That means that the carpet for house that is selected will need to be both functional, and add dimension. Beginning your search, look for a high-quality carpet that comes with a good wear warranty. Standing in the store, you can quick test the carpet sample by bending the sample backwards. If the backing of the carpet sample easily reveals itself, the carpet sample quality is low, and will be less durable than other options. There are many different options for the fiber of your carpet, but one of the most popular is nylon. Consider a nylon option for your living room, as it is the most resilient carpet fiber. Look for the softest and strongest type of carpet, which is rated 6.6.

How do I Choose a Carpet for My Living Room?

One of the best starts for any home improvement search is through self-education. You are looking for a carpet that adds great value to your home through its comfort, durability and beauty. Ask yourself a series of questions, and don’t be afraid to record your answers. You might ask yourself: how is the room going to be used? Is there a door that leads to outside? Is there heavy traffic in this room? Questions pertaining to use and specifications of quality will lead you and your carpet dealer to gauge what grade and style of carpet would best benefit you and your home. If you live in Petaluma, CA, carpet for the house is available in many options from a reputable carpet dealer: flooring in Petaluma, CA.

Which Carpet Material is Best?

Considering your budget, which must include the carpet itself, the padding, and the installation, the carpet material should also fit your expectations for the space. Correspondingly, there are different types of carpet according to your needs. No one material is best. Nylon fiber, for example, is very soft, durable, and resistant to stains and abrasion. Polyester is prized for its ability to hold vibrant, fade-resistant colors. The main drawback to selecting polyester its the material’s propensity to flattening under prolonged weight.

Carpet Cleaning

If you have freshly installed carpet, you know how important it is to protect your investment. Professional carpet cleaners know how to handle specialty situations, such as water damage, tough stains, and quality carpets. In addition, carpet cleaning professionals will have access to specially designed carpet cleaning materials, and be able to efficiently clean the carpet for your home. Having a clean, tidy home is optimal for the health of yourself, and your family members. If you are desirous of better air quality for your home, why not contact your local HVAC company for a whole house air purifier?

Carpet Cost

The average cost per square foot is highly dependent upon three factors: quality of carpet, padding, and installation. Consider these the golden trinity for your carpet budget. Once you have an average cost for the installation and the padding, you can then consider the factor with the widest variance – the carpet quality. You have several options, each one designed at a function level to deliver a specific performance. Consult the bullet points under ‘Types of Carpet’ for a brief overview of your overall selection.

Carpet Ideas

Ranging from waterproof carpet, to carpet tiles and ribbed carpet textures, there are many different carpet trends that have ascended the horizon. Many of these different designs depend upon function, but some are based on color and texture. If you are looking for a design element that breaths function, texture, and design, consider various texture carpet samples. If you favor a geometric pattern with function, consider a playful carpet design that ties in the solid colors available in the space.

Carpet Types

There are many types of carpet available for homeowners who are looking to explore their options:

  • Berber/loop. This carpet features large, uncut loops of naturally toned fibers that vary in size. This style of carpet is typically made from wool, nylon, or olefin.
  • Pattern. Pattern carpet has a combination of cut and loop pile, and allows more options for texture and patterns.
  • Frieze. Stylistically speaking, this carpet is distinguished by a short, durable, twisted pile well-suited for busy areas.
  • Plush. Plush carpet gives an aura of elegance to your home. This kind of carpet is described as smooth and soft. It shows seams, footprints, and vacuum marks.
  • Textured. The most popular carpet for house option, textured carpet consists of two-toned yarn and an uneven surface.

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