Durable Vinyl Flooring Installation in Petaluma, CA

A Wood Look Vinyl Flooring Installation

Our Wood Look Vinyl Plank Flooring Looks Remarkably Like Natural Hardwood Materials!

As one of the most widely available and accessible flooring options on the market, vinyl flooring offers quality flooring for anyone! Not only does our Tri County Design Center team offer numerous¬†vinyl plank flooring bathroom solutions, we also provide beautiful wood look vinyl flooring for the entire house. To learn more about our tile, plank, and sheet vinyl flooring installation in Petaluma, CA and surrounding areas, give our team a call at (707) 772-1272. You’ll love the amazing colors and textures we have available for your home!

What is Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl flooring is composed of 6 key layers. The base layer supplies the foundation of your vinyl floor, while the fiberglass structure above serves as the backbone. The fiberglass is especially important for ensuring uniformity between different segments of the floor. In luxury vinyl tile flooring, a cushion layer is added atop the fiberglass to provide both comfort and texture when you walk across. That’s why your wood look vinyl flooring can mimic natural cedar (or oak, etc.) so well!

Next up is the pattern layer which contains the printed imagery, where color and design are determined. Above that is a protective wear layer that keeps day to day foot traffic from degrading the beautiful image beneath. Finally, at the summit lies a top coat that protects all the underlying layers and adds a pretty sheen to your waterproof vinyl flooring.

Vinyl Flooring Pros and Cons

  • Pro: Vinyl is extremely affordable.
  • Pro: The material comes in a vast variety of color, textures, and designs.
  • Pro: The waterproof nature of vinyl makes it easy to clean.
  • Pro: It’s easy to repair.
  • Con: UV radiation from sunlight may fade vinyl flooring.
  • Con: The material isn’t biodegradable.
  • Con: Sharp objects may puncture the surface.
  • Con: If glued down, removal can be difficult.

Because vinyl is so durable, many homeowners like to mix and match flooring designs throughout the house based on foot traffic. For instance, you could install a white vinyl flooring kitchen or bathroom design that leads into warmer vinyl wood plank flooring in the living room. That’s a lot of vinyl, but the easy installation and low material cost make it an attractive full house flooring solution.

Flooring Comparisons

Multiple Samples of Plank Flooring

Vinyl is Noticeably More Resilient Against Moisture When Compared With Linoleum and Laminate Flooring.

Vinyl is considered one of the most economical options in residential and commercial flooring, but there are other similar flooring solutions. There’s laminate flooring, which is remarkably similar to vinyl, enough that some people ask for “vinyl laminate flooring” (usually when they’re looking for vinyl wood plank flooring). There’s also linoleum, another easy-to-clean solution that hides scratches very well. To learn more about each of these options, you can call our dedicated team at (707) 772-1272! Ask about our vinyl flooring installation in Petaluma, CA.

Vinyl vs Laminate Flooring

  • Vinyl comes in tile, plank, or sheet forms, while laminate is only available in plank.
  • Vinyl can be installed via glue, loose lay, or floating installation. Laminate is installed floating style.
  • Laminate resists UV ray fading, but vinyl is more vulnerable to this.
  • Vinyl is quieter underfoot as you walk across it.
  • Vinyl is essentially waterproof, while laminate is vulnerable to moisture.
  • Vinyl generally costs more than laminate.

Linoleum vs Vinyl Flooring

  • Linoleum is colored through, hiding scratches easily. Vinyl has a single color layer.
  • Vinyl provides excellent moisture protection and can be used in moist areas. Linoleum can’t.
  • Both can be cleaned with a simple sweep and mop.
  • Linoleum is biodegradable, while vinyl isn’t.

Types of Vinyl Flooring

There are three primary types of vinyl flooring: plank, tile, and sheet. Premium vinyl flooring is generally limited to the plank and tile versions, which are the most prestigious, but all three provide great water resistance and color versatility. Installation method varies from home to home, but many prefer glue-down for its increased protection against spills, scratches, and dropped items.

We’ll explain more about each type of flooring in the space below, but feel free to contact our team and ask for details about our vinyl flooring installation in Petaluma, CA. You can reach our team at (707) 772-1272.

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring

A Plank Vinyl Flooring Installation Provides The Best Imitation of Natural Wood, Even Emulating the Grain.

When you want a beautiful floor solution that has the appearance of natural wood without the extra maintenance, consider our wood look vinyl plank flooring! Commonly referred to as vinyl hardwood flooring, this easy-to-clean solution is a very economical alternative to natural wood product. Premium products can even emulate the grain of real cedar, pine, etc.

Installation for vinyl planks varies by project and budget. The simplest form is called peel and stick vinyl plank flooring. This involves taking strips of prefabricated flooring material, removing the covering layer and laying the strips directly on top of the base floor. While peel-and-stick products offer simple DIY install, many homeowners prefer a glue-down approach that utilizes stronger adhesive to bind the flooring. As mentioned earlier, this provides better protection if you want waterproof vinyl plank flooring.

Some homes utilize a floating, interlocking vinyl flooring design instead. This means that the floor is installed over a special layer of cushioning, moisture-resisting layer instead of being placed directly on the underlying floor. This is a handy option if your old flooring left residue that’s difficult to remove.

Vinyl Plank Flooring Pros and Cons

  • Pro: Plank floors best emulate the appearance of natural wood, especial premium vinyl products.
  • Pro: The material is very affordable and easy enough to install by yourself, if desired.
  • Con: Additional seams makes the flooring slightly more difficult to clean.

Vinyl Floor Tiles

Some Premium Vinyl Tiles are Even Installed With Grout. You Can Easily Create Beautiful Patterned Vinyl Flooring.

Stone flooring offers long-lasting beauty, but it requires considerable time and expensive to care for. That’s why many homeowners choose a simpler solution: vinyl floor tiles. From basic peel and stick vinyl floor tile to more exquisite faux stone textures, there are countless styling options for your family to choose from! This material is pretty easy to clean as well.

For tiles, homeowners can choose from both glued-down and loose lay vinyl flooring. There are a wide variety of luxurious materials your floor can imitate. Tiling styles make the look all the more convincing. Some stick with a basic solid color design, while others prefer more intricate patterned vinyl flooring.

Pros and Cons of Vinyl Tiles

  • Pro: They can emulate beautiful stone and tile floors.
  • Pro: Cleaning is still very simple.
  • Pro: There are countless designs to choose from.
  • Pro: Installation is easy enough for DIY projects.
  • Pro: The material can handle heavy foot traffic.
  • Con: The flooring is vulnerable to punctures from sharp objects.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Rolls of Various Flooring Styles

Sheet Vinyl Flooring Must Be Carefully Rolled Out by a Trained Professional to Ensure Evenness.

There’s another way to enjoy that beautiful vinyl wood flooring. Installation with sheet flooring is a little more difficult (it may require a professional), but wood look sheet vinyl flooring offers an absolutely gorgeous flooring solution.¬†With no seams to speak of (except for larger rooms), sheet vinyl offers great spill and moisture resistance.

The material works with both glued-down or floating designs, but it’s important to keep the underlying floor absolutely flat. Any clumps of dirt or residue on the concrete or wood base may show through on the top. While having no seams makes it easier to keep the flooring clean, it does make the wood look appear less authentic.

Pros and Cons of Sheet Vinyl

  • Pro: Sheets are easy to keep clean.
  • Pro: Few to no seams means spills are less of a concern.
  • Pro: You can mimic many kinds of premium flooring materials.
  • Con: No seams makes it harder to imitate natural wood.
  • Con: Subflooring must be absolutely flat to avoid bumps on top.

How to Clean Vinyl Floors

By now, you’ve heard several times about the ease of cleaning vinyl flooring. You may be wondering how to clean vinyl plank flooring, tile, or sheets, whichever appeals to your design tastes. Cleaning vinyl plank flooring only requires a simple sweep and mop. However, it’s critical that you use warm water (not hot) while mopping. If you choose to use soap, make sure it’s designed for your particular flooring. Otherwise, you could be left calling for vinyl floor repair to replace discolored planks or tile.

Commercial Vinyl Flooring

At Tri County Design Center, we also provide a wide selection of commercial vinyl flooring solutions. Whether you’re looking for an elegant showroom material or a hardy surface for heavy foot traffic, our experienced flooring experts can help you find the material you’re looking for. Vinyl is particularly convenient for it’s low maintenance, high strength nature, which is why many of our enterprise customers enjoy our commercial vinyl plank flooring.

For furniture showrooms, we sometimes recommend wide plank vinyl flooring. The reduced number of seams make the flooring very easy to clean. It also provides a neat and tidy aesthetic that’s great for drawing attention back to your beautiful furniture. For even more ornate designs, our team also provides marble vinyl flooring that dazzles the eye (but not your budget).

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