Exquisite Tile Floor Installation in Petaluma, CA

Samples of Quartz Tile

Tile Flooring Provides Many Design Paths for Your Home, With Varied Colors and Textures.

When it comes to extensive color, texture, and styling options, there are few materials with the outstanding variety of tile flooring. Our team at Tri County Design Center offers tile solutions for every budget. Our work starts with establishing your flooring design and functional needs, from which we can outline numerous options for your home. With the extensive experience and knowledge of our flooring installation experts, you’ll be guaranteed a beautiful, lasting tile floor that your family will enjoy for many years to come.

Whether you’re looking to re-floor the whole house, or just the kitchen, bathroom, etc., tile is a magnificent and attractive choice for your home. There are several steps to complete as you search for your perfect tile, so make sure you have an insightful professional helping you each step of the way! Our team would love to help you discover your next tile floor installation in Petaluma, CA and any surrounding community. Contact our courteous team at (707) 772-1272 and schedule your consultation today!

Kitchen Floor Tiles

Tile flooring is a natural choice for the kitchen, especially for families that regularly pass in and out of the space each day. As you select a material that fits your needs, you’ll want to choose a material that can handle the heavy foot traffic and your interior design specifications at the same time. This will ensure that your flooring lasts for its full intended lifetime, and limit the amount of maintenance you’ll need to perform. Below are some of the most popular materials homeowners pick for their kitchen floor tiles. 


Granite Floor Tiles

Lovely Granite Tile Flooring in Kitchen

Granite Offers Long Lasting Protection Against Scratches and Heat Damage.

Granite provides a firm, damage resistant surface for your flooring. The natural aesthetic attracts many homeowners to this stone, and beautiful color irregularities make each floor unique. With an experienced flooring expert completing the project, you’ll enjoy your granite tile floor installation for many years to come!

While granite is unlikely to chip or crack when something is dropped on the floor by accident, it is vulnerable to stains without proper care. As with granite countertops, these stone floor tiles must be sealed every few years to protected against staining. You may take the opportunity to install a beautiful gloss over the top, which provides a smoother look for your tiles.


Hardwood Tile Flooring

Modern Kitchen With Rustic Hardwood Tile Flooring

Wood Tile Floors Complement Most Interior Designs. See How it Could Benefit Your Home!

Wooden flooring provides a rustic appearance for your kitchen or living room flooring, one that complements many interior designs. There are a wide variety of wood materials to choose from, each supplying a different hue. While many homeowners are familiar with the traditional plank style of hardwood flooring, fewer are aware of wood tile solutions which offer a delightful aesthetic for almost any room in the house.

Combine the symmetry of tile flooring with the gorgeous luster of natural wood flooring! You can learn more about the differences between traditional plank floors and plank tile flooring when you talk with one of our experienced flooring professionals.


Travertine Floor Tile

Luxurious Travertine Tiles on a Wall or Floor

Travertine is an Eco-Friendly, Durable Stone Flooring Solution!

Another natural stone flooring solution, travertine is a wonderfully economical alternative to marble and granite. There are a wide variety of color and texturing options available for your selection, which makes it simple to discover a tile that matches your interior design. Travertine floor tile is highly durable against impact damage and offers notable moisture resistance. While this porous stone flooring must be protected against spills and stains, this long lasting material will endure for many decades with proper care.

Want to learn more about this environmentally friendly flooring solution? Talk with one of our friendly tile flooring experts at Tri County Design Center!


Quartz Floor Tiles

Sample Squares of Quartz Floor Tile

What Color and Texture Would You Choose for Your Quartz Tile Flooring?

Quartz supplies the same level of hardiness of granite, plus excellent fluid resistance. That’s why many homeowners utilize quartz countertops for their kitchens, but it also offers a superior flooring solution! Unlike most stone solutions, quartz is an engineered stone flooring option that comes in a vast array of colors and textures. Because they can be tailored to almost any design, you can enjoy both a classical rough grain appearance or a solid color appearance.

Enjoy many decades of quartz flooring with simple maintenance requirements and excellent impact protection! You can discover your coloring options and arrange for your own special design with one of our dedicated flooring professionals at Tri County Design Center. Be sure to ask for an estimate on your personal tile floor installation.


Porcelain Kitchen Floor Tiles

Porcelain Can Imitate Other Flooring Options, But It’s Also Fantastically Durable!

Porcelain is a premium flooring material, that provides impressive liquid resistance and durability. For large families with lots of spills and foot traffic, porcelain tiles offer a wonderful long-term flooring solution. Stain-resistant surfacing is absolutely invaluable in the kitchen! If your family is looking for one of the toughest flooring options available on the market, it would be hard to do better than porcelain tile!

Now porcelain does come with a higher investment cost, with premium materials and laborious installation driving up the pricing. However, the bountiful coloring/texturing options available for your personal design, the ease of care, and the fireproof nature of this flooring more than justify the price. With a regular grout sealing, your porcelain kitchen floor tiles will last your family for decades!

Bathroom Floor Tiles

There’s a reason why homeowners have used tile flooring for centuries. The customization potential is just one exciting perk among tile’s many benefits. Brighten up your bathroom space with a vibrant blue or a classic white, or create a relaxing atmosphere with darker hues of cozy brown. Our extensive variety of materials at Tri County Design Center also makes it easy for you to find the perfect choice for your budget, be it a premium granite floor or trusted vinyl.

Our flooring design experts would love to help you plan your tile floor installation in Petaluma, CA or any surrounding city! We always start by establishing your budget, functional, and design needs, so that your family is perfectly satisfied with your new flooring. Learn more about installation, remodeling your bathroom, and more by contacting our team at (707) 772-1272!


Ceramic Floor Tile

Blue Ceramic Tile Flooring

Looking for Affordable Flooring and Simple Maintenance? Try a Ceramic Tile Floor Installation!

For decades, homeowners have relied on ceramic flooring for its hardened durability, affordability, and color variety. Now there are countless styles and textures for you to choose from, whether you wish to create a simple solid scheme design or a ceramic tile wood floor. That’s right! Specialty ceramic tiles can even imitate the natural grain of hardwood floors. There’s one more alternative to wood floors for homeowners shopping with a tighter budget.

As you shop for your ceramic tile flooring, make sure you consult with your professional tile floor installer about finding a grade that’s appropriate for your kitchen or bathroom flooring. Our experts will happily answer any questions you have about design or the installation process!


Porcelain Floor Tiles

Porcelain Tile Flooring Imitating Granite

Choosing an Easy to Clean Floor Will Pay Huge Dividends Down the Road.

Bathroom floors must endure concentrated foot traffic every day, year after year. As we mentioned earlier, porcelain’s hardened surface makes it an ideal flooring solution for large families. There are plenty of styling options for your decorating tastes. One of the best reasons to choose porcelain flooring for your bathroom is the material’s amazing resistance to stains and moisture damage. 

A porcelain floor tile installation is easy to clean and lasts for many decades. If you’d like to learn more about which colors and textures we have available at Tri County Design Center, talk with one of our courteous flooring experts!


Vinyl Tile Flooring Installation

Styled Vinyl Tile Floor Installation

Lovely Design & Easy Cleaning Make Vinyl Floors Extremely Popular.

Vinyl flooring is one of the most common choices for bathroom flooring today, and for good reason. Not only is the material perfectly suited for the high-moisture environment, it’s also phenomenally affordable. Vinyl floor tiles provide the traditional styling of tile with the modern touch of this hardy material. While ultraviolet radiation (from sunlight) and heavy, pointed objects can damage your vinyl, it’s very resilient against the everyday foot traffic that wears down many other kinds of flooring.

Vinyl offers a low maintenance surface for your bathroom floors that anyone can clean. Whether you select a glue down, loose lay, or click-lock method, your family can trust our professionals at Tri County Design Center for an impeccable vinyl tile floor installation in Petaluma, CA or any surrounding community.


Slate Floor Tiles

Lined Up Slate Tiles

Slate Tiles are Exceptionally Heavy, So Make Sure You Work With a Professional Installer.

Adapted for both roofs and floors for its durable nature, slate provides outstanding value for your property and exquisite beauty for your home design. For bathroom and kitchen flooring, slate’s non-uniform surfacing can help kids and aging adults avoid nasty slips. As a naturally occurring stone formation, slate varies from piece to piece to create a unique aesthetic. Of course, slate can be sourced from around the world to deliver a large variety of colors.

Considering that slate roofs are so popular for their durability, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this stone tile flooring resists scratches, chips, and cracks. It is important to note that both the grout and the slate tiles themselves will require special sealing to protect against stains, mold, and mildew. With consistent care however, your slate tile floor installation will last for an incredibly long lifetime of beautiful style and beauty!


Marble Floor Tile

Beautiful Marble Floor Tiles and Wall

Marble Offers a Luxurious Flooring Solution That Comes in a Variety of Gorgeous Colors!

Anyone who’s seen an exquisite marble floors knows just how beautiful a marble floor can be. While marble has become known for its white, creamy, and earthy tones, there are a myriad of colors available for your styling delight. Because marble is a natural stone material, every single tile is unique. With the right polish, this stone can be installed in wonderfully smooth tiling, pleasing to the eye and comfortable to feet. 

While marble is a fairly hard material, it is more vulnerable to scratches when compared with other natural stones (such as granite). The floor must be faithfully protected from spills and acids, though an annual sealing can prevent most damage. Finally, the smooth surface of marble makes it easier to slip on, so it’s highly recommended to keep a bathroom mat handy outside the shower and tub. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits and requirements of marble tile flooring, be sure to talk with one of our seasoned experts!

How to Clean Tile Floors

There are several affordable ways to clean your tile flooring, which includes both the tile itself and the grout lines between. There are many cleaning products available on the market, but we’ll stick with simpler solutions. Note: It’s important that you consult with your flooring professional and write down which chemicals to avoid for your particular tile material. 

Cleaning the Tiles

If you spill a dry substance like salt, or if pets have tracked dirt into the floor, it’s easiest to clean the mess with a vacuum. For spills, dog pee, sauces, etc., use a mop dampened with warm water. For the tougher stains, you can fill a spray bottle with a 1:1 warm water and white vinegar solution. Do not use vinegar if your tile is made from natural stone. This last method is particularly useful for removing unpleasant smells from the tile. If you’d like a step by step outline of the cleaning process, check out this helpful article on maintaining your floor installation.

Cleaning Grout Lines

Grout lines are just as easy to clean, though they may require a little more elbow grease. Make a solution of baking soda and water (3:1 ratio) and stir it into a paste. Spread the paste by finger (gloves are recommended) into the grout lines and let the mixture settle for up to 5 minutes. Unless your flooring is made with natural stone, spray a 1:1 solution of white vinegar and which as the mixture starts to bubble in the baking soda. Once the reaction has died down, scrub the grout with a tooth brush (for small lines) or a nylon brush.

Afterwards, you can mop up the floor with regular water. Make sure you rinse often. For those natural stone tiles that are sensitive to vinegar, a simple mop and a little dish soap should remove the majority of gunk from the floor. There are specialty cleaners available as well.

Commercial Floor Tile

Laying Down New Tile Flooring

Looking for Beautiful, Resilient Tile Floor Installation for Your Business? Talk With One of Our Experts!

Looking for a tile floor installation for your business? Tile offers a wonderful, attractive surface for your office, showroom, and shopping area. There are countless materials and colors available, making it simple for you to find a style that compliments your business’ aesthetic design. Of course, you’ll also want your flooring to handle an extreme volume of foot traffic, which is something our specialists can assist you with.

Whether you have a material in mind or you want professional assistance finding an ideal flooring, you can depend on our team at Tri County Design Center to help! Consult with one of our experts today at (707) 772-1272 about your tile floor installation in Petaluma, CA or a nearby city. You can also take a look at our reviews to see what other people have to say about our services.