Beautiful Granite Countertop Installation

White Granite Countertop Installation

You’ll Love the Beauty and Resilience of a Granite Countertop Installation!

One of the most prestigious and classically sought after countertop materials, granite provides an awe-inspiring beauty and hardiness for your kitchen or bathroom surfacing. Because your countertop serves as the waist-level element of your interior design, it’s vital that you select a material/color that binds the flooring and upper cabinets together. With granite, that’s a simple task.

Why choose this natural stone for your oh-so-essential countertop design, especially when there are so many alluring materials on the market? There’s a reason why this material adorns thousands of homes throughout the state, and it goes beyond a simple “It’s tough!” You can learn more by contacting one of our specialists at (707) 772-1272 and asking about our bathroom and kitchen granite countertop installation in Petaluma, CA. Or you can read on.

Why Choose Granite?

Granite is born when a conflux of magma and other rock deposits hardens over a long period of time. This amalgam of stone produces a rich texture that makes it so eye-catching as a countertop material. While granite is naturally porous, modern sealing techniques protect the beautiful stone from stains and bacteria growth.

Because of granite’s tumultuous origins in scorched magma, it’s highly resistant to heat damage (from hot pots and pans). It also features a highly trusted strength against scratching, a must for high traffic kitchen and bathroom surfaces. For those homeowners concerned about responsible resourcing, granite is a very sustainable resource quarried from all around the world.

One of the side-effects of the enormous heat and pressure that produces granite is a natural hardiness. This enables granite materials to last well over 100 years, especially with proper care and sealant. What if your granite countertop installation was the last countertop you’d ever need?

Styling Options for Your Granite Surfacing

Beautiful Black and White Granite Countertop Installation

Granite Comes in About 20 Different Color Variations for Your Design Preferences.

As a natural stone material, granite comes in fewer hues than engineered materials. However, homeowners still have a score of color options to choose from. From a classic white granite that complements any interior color scheme, to rich brown tones that add warmth to your room design.

There are also additional styling options to make your granite counters stand out. A granite tile countertop installation can cut down the material expense considerably. If an accident damages one of the tiles, it’s also notably easier to repair a secluded square than trying to mend a larger slab section.

Granite Countertop Installation Process

How long does the installation process take for a granite countertop? After the granite has been shipped to your home, your existing countertop will be removed and transported away. Then each section of your granite countertop will be carried in and checked for accuracy or fit. The seams must be aligned perfectly, and the side pieces should fit snugly against the wall. Any adjustments that need to be made are completed before the final gluing process.

For the slab piece that will encompass the sink, the appropriate grooves and faucet holes will be cut on site. That way your sink can be installed along with the countertop. Once all necessary adjustments have been made, glue is placed and our granite countertop installation contractors make it permanent. At this point, sealant is applied to protect from stains and moisture.

What Sort of Maintenance is Required?

Beautiful White Granite Countertop Installation

Granite Countertops are Very Simple Maintain and Clean, Which is Great for Busy Families.

While natural stone provides a tough layer of protection against cuts and heat, that doesn’t mean your granite countertop is invulnerable. Dropping heavy items on the counter, especially on the corners, can cause it to crack (or even break). Make sure your family avoids slamming hard items on the counter.

More importantly, make sure your granite countertop installation is protected against stains! Any spills should be cleaned quickly. Special granite sealant will guard against moisture and other liquid hazards for years, but homeowners need to check the status of their sealant each year. This process only takes 5 minutes. Sprinkle water droplets onto the countertop and see how much water is absorbed within the 5 minute period. If the granite starts absorbing water, it’s time to reapply the sealant.

General cleaning for a bathroom or kitchen countertop is just as simple. Warm water, hand soap, and a couple paper towels is all you need to wipe off any smudges. You can also find several quality granite cleaning and sealant products at your local box store.

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