Commercial Flooring Installation in Petaluma, CA

A Beautiful Tile Floor in a Leasing Property

Tile Flooring is Particularly Attractive in High-End Hotels and Luxury Travel Destinations.

When it comes to high-traffic, heavy wear environments, businesses have the most demanding flooring requirements. With hundreds, sometimes thousands of employees and customers walking to and fro, your company requires a commercial flooring solution that can handle this intensive daily stress. That’s where our enterprise experts at Tri County Design Center come in!

Every business has unique needs when it comes to flooring. Our team takes the guesswork out of finding your ideal tile, hardwood, vinyl, or carpet flooring. We’ll work with your project budget and functional requirements to identify which solutions work best for your business. When you entrust your commercial flooring installation in Petaluma, CA to our seasoned professionals at Tri County Design Center, you can be 100% sure that you’ll be satisfied with the results! Want to learn more about finding your perfect solution? Give us a call today at (707) 772-1272 to get started.

Commercial Flooring Experts

What’s just as important as finding the right material for your floors and establishing proper maintenance? Precise installation. You’d be amazed at the number of problems a hastily installed flooring will create. Not only does careful assembly guarantee a more attractive floor, it also prevents unnecessary repair headaches down the road. There are several mistakes an inexperienced flooring service can make that can lead to a faulty installation, such as:

  • Floor Material / Environment Mismatch
  • Insufficient Subfloor Preparation
  • Messy Finishing
  • Inaccurate Angle Measurements
  • Poor Racking

At Tri County Design Center, our experienced flooring experts carefully plan out each project before installation ever begins. They’ll measure out the dimensions of every room, entry, and hall to ensure impeccable results after the flooring is put in. That’s why so many of our clients come back to us with all their other renovation and remodeling projects. See what these happy customers have to say in our reviews!

Cost-Effective Flooring Solutions

Commercial Flooring Installation in Luxury Hotel

The Perfect Texture and Color Enhances the Space Around It. Ask About Our Hardwood Options!

The installation process itself is only half the battle. First you have to find the right flooring solution for your business! Companies can browse through all sorts of commercial options at Tri County Design Center, but our seasoned experts will help narrow down your options so that your business can make an informed investment. Below, we’ve provided additional information about each flooring category so that you can kick off the search for your Petaluma, CA commercial flooring installation. Be sure to call our team at (707) 772-1272 if you’d like to consult with one of our insightful professionals!

Commercial Hardwood Flooring Installation

Nothing quite says “classy establishment” like a hardwood floor. Not only is the attractive flooring guaranteed to spice up the atmosphere in your establishment, it also comes with fewer maintenance requirements than other commercial solutions. We have several hardwood solutions available for your design requirements, including solid hardwood, engineered flooring, bamboo, cork, and alternative laminates. Each comes with unique benefits for your business.

When it comes to designing and implementing your gorgeous wood flooring, it’s critical that the work is completed by a proven, reliable professional. As we mentioned earlier, shoddy craftsmanship can lead to quite a few headaches for your business, demanding costly (and inconvenient) repairs later on. You can save yourself time and money by coming to our trusted flooring experts at Tri County Design Center.

Commercial Floor Tile Installation

European Style Tile Flooring

Whether You Crave a European Flavor or a Modernistic Decor, We Have You’re Perfect Tile!

Another resilient flooring solution for your business, tile offers exquisite design and lasting functionality. With a vast selection of materials available, it’s easy to find a shape and pattern that matches your tastes. Our tile solutions include attractive materials like…

  • Travertine,
  • Slate,
  • Quartzite,
  • Granite,
  • Onyx,
  • Marble,
  • Porcelain,
  • Sandstone,
  • Ceramic,
  • and Limestone

Without a doubt, tile is the most versatile flooring solution available on the commercial market. Whether your business desires a modern decor or a more rustic atmosphere, it’s a simple matter to find a tile material that complements your interior design. The durable flooring material is also simple to maintain and clean, so you can always have a fresh environment for your customers and employees. When our team provides your commercial floor tile installation, you’ll enjoy many years of exquisite, durable flooring!

Commercial Carpeting Installation

Sometimes a soft approach is the best. When it comes to hospitality, office environments, and childcare facilities, carpet provides a very cost-effective flooring solution! Of course, commercial-grade carpeting is more tenacious than residential solutions. After all, your company flooring has to endure extensive foot traffic, would-be stains, and other hazards. That’s why our carpet flooring solutions are designed to resist stains, dirt clumps, foot traffic wear and much more!

Talk with our commercial flooring specialists about finding a texture and color that’s perfect for your flooring needs!

Commercial Vinyl Flooring Installation

Slate-Textured Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring Can Simulate Almost Any Luxury Flooring Material, Including Slate.

One of the most affordable flooring solutions on the market today, vinyl flooring provides a lovely aesthetic that any business can enjoy. Not only does vinyl feature superior moisture resistance and minimal maintenance design, it also comes in a variety of textures. That makes it easy to mimic other luxury flooring materials, such as slate and hardwood flooring. Vinyl flooring is very simple to install, and it’s suitable to almost any environment.

Consult With a Commercial Flooring Expert Today!

Want to learn more about a particular flooring solution? Call our team at (707) 772-1272 and speak with one of our helpful commercial flooring specialists! They’ll provide additional information about the installation process, finding your ideal flooring solution, and even design tips. When your business requires a trusted company for your Petaluma, CA commercial flooring installation, come to the experienced team at Tri County Design Center!