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Do you crave an attractive new carpet flooring for your home? Nothing makes you feel more at  home than sitting in your pajamas and curling your toes in soft carpet! With our affordable solutions at Tri County Design Center, your family could enjoy a brand new carpet installation in no time. Of course, you want need to make sure that your beautiful flooring will last for many years to come.

That’s why many homeowners come to our experienced carpeting experts for their professional carpet installation in Petaluma, CA. Don’t just take our word for it though! See what other homeowners and businesses have to say about our services in the reviews section, then give us a call at (707) 772-1272 and tell us about your special project.

Carpet Installation Services

When the time comes to install your lovely new carpet, we’ll talk with you about the process and the time requirements. Installation usually takes one work day, unless there’s existing material and strips to be removed from the floor. We’ll make sure that the dimensions of each room matches with its respective carpet section. Hasty work from inexperienced contractors can lead to unpleasant (and sometimes dangerous) folds in your carpet. However, our seasoned experts will make sure that your carpet is perfectly sized and stretched for a perfectly flat flooring!

Choosing Material for Your Carpet Installation

There are so many carpet flooring options available for your home. Not all of them will meet your budget requirements and functional needs. For instance, if you have a growing family that still deals with spills and stains on a regular basis, you’ll likely want a Stainmaster-certified flooring product, or at least a stain-resistant option. If you regularly entertain guests or have multiple pets, you’ll need a solution that can handle the heavy foot traffic.

At Tri County Design Center, we support all the major carpet fiber options, including:

  • Nylon – highly durable
  • Polyester – very soft, many colors
  • Olefin – great general resilience
  • Triexta – incredible stain resistance

Nylon is one of the most commonly chosen for households with high foot traffic and multiple pets. For the higher material cost, you’ll receive many years of hardy, pleasant flooring. Many consider it a great option for those seeking a low-maintenance solution.

Polyester offers a wide variety of beautiful colors for you to style with. It comes at a lower price however, because it’s not as durable as nylon or olefin. A wonderful softness however, makes it a pleasant option for no-child households.

Olefin provides a great solution for families on a budget. It proficiently masks the presence of dirt and other particles, and it comes with a hardy resilience against stains and other carpet woes. It’s not the hardiest carpeting, but it certainly offers great value for your investment.

Triexta is another high-end material that’s renowned for stain-resistant material. It’s much easier to keep clean than polyester, and many claim it’s as durable as nylon. If you have a large family and/or pets, this could be a great option for you.

Selecting the Perfect Style

Lovely Living Room With Carpet Installation

Identifying Your Functional Requirements Early On Will Help Speed Your Carpet Selection.

Once you’ve selected the material, you’ll need to pick a style to go along with it. Residential carpeting styles include: sculptured, frieze, textured, Saxony, and looped. They each come with their perks and drawbacks, which your carpeting professional can discuss with you.

In general, households with high foot traffic should generally stick with textured, frieze, or sculptured styles. For those homes without pets, children, and regular guests, both Saxony and looped carpeting offer beautiful decor. If you’d like to learn more about any of these, call our office at (707) 772-1272 and plan your Petaluma, CA carpet installation.

Commercial Carpet Installers

Businesses can also benefit from a convenient carpet flooring installation. There are many businesses and organizations that rely on carpet consistently, such as:

  • Hotels
  • Children’s Daycare Centers
  • Office Buildings
  • Libraries
  • and More!

What makes carpet such a great flooring material for businesses? For one, it provides a more relaxed environment for people to think and converse. Because carpet imitates a more casual home environment, it’s a much more pleasant surface to walk on.

Carpet also absorbs sound much more effectively than hard floors. Have you ever heard a cart rolling on hard flooring down the other side of the building? Even a pair of high heels is enough to cause noticeable distractions in smaller buildings. For businesses that require maximum concentration and quiet, carpet is an obvious choice.

Finding Your Company’s Ideal Solution

A Brown Themed Living Room With Carpet Flooring

Call Today and Ask About the Various Colors and Styles We Offer for Carpet Installation!

Our team at Tri County Design Center is happy to support local businesses by helping them find a flooring that’s ideal for their budget and functional requirements. Not just any flooring will suit your company. While residential carpet materials are very comfortable, they also aren’t designed for the heavy foot traffic environment that is your office. That’s why your business needs a durable, long-lasting solution for your carpet flooring, and our insightful specialists are just the people to talk to about your project!

If your company requires a high-end for regular client use, our team also provides premium carpet solutions for the hospitality industry. Our flooring will make your customers feel more at home and relaxed during their stay, and you’ll enjoy lower maintenance requirements as well.You can learn more about our Petaluma, CA commercial carpet installation by contacting our company at (707) 772-1272. Give us a call today and talk with one of our experienced industry professionals. Be sure to check out our tile and hardwood options for your bathrooms and kitchen!