Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE)

We Recycle Carpet with CARE at Tri County Design Center in Petaluma, CA

Carpet recycling now available!

Tri County Design Center has partnered with "Carpet America Recovery Effort" (CARE) to offer Carpet Recycling to ALL Contractors, Installers, and Homeowners who tackle their own projects. Carpet disposal can be a burdensome process and removing existing carpets often leads to hundreds or even thousands of square feet of waste. Dump fees can be costly and an inconvenient process. At Tri County Design Center, we can take that old carpet off your hands at a fair price, and ensure your carpet does not end up in the landfill and is repurposed.
We currently only offer this service at our Petaluma location.

ADDRESS: 821 Petaluma Blvd, North Petaluma, CA 94952
PHONE: (707) 769-1010

How to prepare your carpet for recycling

Prepping your CARPET and PAD is essential to this process. We DO NOT accept any Carpet/Pad unless it is prepared properly, meaning all Carpet/Pad must meet these requirements:

  • Must be Dry
  • Debris Free
  • Remove Tack Strips, Nails, Trash and Dirt
  • Cut Carpet into manageable sections
  • Separate Carpet from Pad
  • Roll Carpet
  • Stack & Palletize Carpet Tile. Separate by backing type (Call for Details)
The cost of recycling carpet with Tri County Design Center in Santa Rosa, CA
Recycling carpet with Tri County Design Center in Rohnert Park, CA

Cost of recycling services

Homeowner (DIYers) — $ 0.00
Pick-up truck/van, per load — $20.00
Stake bed/box van, per load — $40.00

Please call us at (707) 769-1010:

  1. To make an appointment to drop off your old carpets.
  2. Inquire pricing for larger loads.
  3. Hours of operation



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