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A Luxurious Remodeled Bathroom

Tiling, Vanities, Tubs, Showers, and Cabinetry. These are Just Some of the Many Remodel Elements.

A bathroom remodel is an extensive project. From the flooring to the cabinetry, there are numerous elements and costs to consider as you transform your home. That’s why the knowledgeable and experience of our interior professionals is so valuable! At Tri County Design Center, we take a big picture approach to make sure all the pieces of your design come together into your dream bathroom! From exquisite granite countertops to gorgeous wood look tile flooring, we have countless styling options for you to explore.

Our insightful experts will help your family avoid all of the common pitfalls that plague homeowners throughout the installation process. We’ll walk with you through each step of the remodel, answer questions and ensuring your complete satisfaction. To learn more about reliable services, speak with one of our kind bathroom remodeling contractors in Petaluma, CA! Get started today by calling our team at (707) 772-1272.

Our Bathroom Remodeling Services

Whether you’re on a tight budget or a larger one, our dedicated professionals can help you find solutions that match your design needs! Our cabinet refinishing service, coupled with our affordable vinyl flooring options offer a wonderful solution for updating your bathroom. For full-fledged remodels, our experienced professionals can transform every element of your bathroom space (from the bottom up) to craft an alluring new design.

Below are just some of our services we provide to help you create that beautiful bathroom. To learn more about our services and find out how we compare to other bathroom remodel companies, be sure to talk with one of our insightful experts at Tri County Design Center! You can also see what local homeowners have to say about our work in our reviews.

Tile Flooring Design

Tile Flooring in a Dainty Bathroom

Flooring Plays an Important Role in Both Water Protection and Slip Resistance.

The sheer variety of colors and textures makes tile flooring an exciting medium to work with! That wide selection makes it a simple matter to find your ideal bathroom floor tiles. Of course, ceramics and porcelain floor tiles provide the best water resistance for spills and dripping feet. Quartz, a non-porous engineered stone, also provides excellent water resistance with a vast color scheme to pick from.

Tile hue is the ideal tool for tailoring the lighting of your new bathroom. While you’d never install a hardwood floor in the bathroom, wood look tile flooring can produce the same warm environment with capable water protection. On the other hand, simple white porcelain can make your new space appear larger. Whatever functional and/or styling goals you have in mind, we’ll have the perfect tile ready for you! To learn more about our specific material selection, consult with our qualified Petaluma, CA bathroom remodeling contractors at (707) 772-1272!

Vinyl Flooring Installation

Another popular bathroom solution, vinyl flooring provides equally impressive water resistance when compared with ceramic tile. Quality vinyl planks or tiles are generally price-comparable with ceramics, but vinyl is notably easier (and faster) to install. Whether you’re an accomplished DIY expert or you prefer to leave installation to the professionals, you can feel confident the capabilities of vinyl flooring.

What are the styling options for vinyl flooring these days? Well, there are the traditional solid color choices for simplistic designs. The overall quality of vinyl products has grown in leaps and bounds since the materials inception. Now homeowners can enjoy any of the classic, luxury flooring materials recreated in vinyl format. Vinyl hardwood flooring, marble vinyl flooring, and so on. If you prefer natural stone solutions, vinyl can convincingly imitate those as well, and it’s considerably easier to care for!

Vanities, Shower, and Tub Replacement

Of course, what better way is there to transform the feel of a bathroom that to upgrade the vanity, shower, and tub? Many of our clients understand the difficulties involved in trying to change these amenities on their own. The plumbing updates alone are a serious challenge. That’s why we encourage you to let our experienced bathroom remodeling contractors manage the installation of these wonderful new additions!

Countertop Installation

New White Countertop and Vanity Areas

New Countertops and Vanity Spaces Can Upgrade the Function and Design of Your Bathroom.

Once again, your countertop serves as the focal point that binds all the elements of your bathroom together. Color and texture will determine whether your interior design comes together cohesively, or if scatters about in frantic fashion. Granite countertops offer a durable, heat-resistant surface that’s safe from the influence of the curling iron. Quartz, on the other hand, supplies a non-porous surface that doesn’t need coatings for water protection.

With countless textures and hues for you to pick from, our selection makes finding your lovely new countertops fun and relaxing. The courteous, insightful experts at Tri County Design Center will be here to help every step of the way! When the time for your countertop installation comes, you can always depend on our bathroom remodeling contractors for impeccable service.

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Are you ready to get started on your exciting project? Contact our friendly team at Tri County Design Center and ask for your bathroom remodel estimate! We’ve partnered with countless families over the years, and our Petaluma, CA bathroom remodeling contractors always provide lasting, quality work for your home. Give us a call today at (707) 772-1272 to find out more about our trusted services.