Where to Start When Remodeling the Bathroom

An Open Spaced Bathroom

Wall Tile is Great for Many Bathroom Designs, But it’s Not Mandatory for a Remodel.

What’s more intimidating than tearing out the flooring, drywall, cabinets, and plumbing for a bathroom remodeling project? For homeowners, not much! That’s why it’s crucial that you approach your renovations with a clear plan and a carefully reviewed design. Today, we’ll be examining some of the most potent changes you can perform to get the most out of your bathroom remodel. By the end, you should have a template to begin an exciting design for your own home!

Let’s get started.

Bathroom Remodel and Design

One of the best parts of bathroom remodels is that you get to decide the scope of your project. Perhaps you’ll decide to knock down a wall to expand your functional space. Maybe you’ll limit the project to aesthetic changes, such as refinishing your cabinets. Either way, you’ll need to draft a detailed plan.

Considering the costs, time requirements, and effort needed to accomplish your project is your first step. You wouldn’t want to demolish the floors, only to realize there’s still months of planning left to finish. Developing relationships with your plumbers, flooring specialists, and other vendors will be crucial for developing a time table and budget. They’ll help you establish estimates for each segment of the job.

Worthwhile Investment

Is a Bathroom Remodel Worth It?

With all the demolition, repiping, and additional work that goes into a bathroom remodel, is it really worth the time and money investment? That’s a question that needs to be answered long before the project ever starts. Out of all the home improvements you could perform in your home, a minor bathroom remodel has one of the highest return on investment (ROI) rates.

That means you can expect to recoup a high percentage of costs when you ultimately resell your house. Even if you don’t expect to sell your home for some time, a remodel is a great way to breathe life back into a tired bathroom design. Because you decide the scale of our your project, your efforts will decide whether or not the results are worthwhile.


How Do You Redo a Small Bathroom?

You may be thinking “Well, that’s great for large bathrooms, but what can I do with this tiny space in my bathroom(s)?” Updating small bathrooms can take a bit of creativity, but there are several things you can do to improve small spaces. Lighting plays an important role in our perception. A well-lit room will naturally appear larger than a darker one. Once you’ve completed the other elements, try upgrading your lighting fixtures to add more perceived space. If you stick with lighter paint or tile colors on the walls, this effect will be multiplied.

As far as those creative ideas for preserving physical space, we’ll get into that in a moment.

Time Requirements

How Long Does it Take to Renovate a Small Bathroom?

Remodeling a small bathroom should take a full month to complete, unless you find contractors willing to work on the weekends. That being said, there are typically delays that should be factored into the planning process. For instance, the inspector may not be ready immediately after you’ve finished your plumbing and electrical rough-ins. Even if you don’t change any design elements during the remodel, there’s bound to be significant waiting time between segments. Your ultimate project duration will likely be a month and a half (at least).

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Great Natural Lighting in a Bathroom

As Much as Possible, Take Advantage of Natural Lighting in Your Bathroom.

You’ve probably done quite a bit of research leading up to your bathroom remodel. There are a dozen major changes you can make to your bathroom space. Some lend themselves toward tighter budgets, while other updates will require some deeper savings. When you are working with small dimensions in your bathroom, there are a few fantastic ideas that can save you money and space. Here are just a few of them:

  • A sliding door
  • Custom-fit shelves
  • Wetbaths & open showers
  • Built-in compartments
  • Vanity conversion
  • Shower niches

If you challenge your ideas of what makes a bathroom and strip it down to bare essentials, you’ll be amazed at the amount of usable space you have left! Look for sections, such as your vanity, that may be occupying more space than truly necessary. If you have a door that comes a little too close to the toilet, consider switching to a sliding model.

On a Budget

What is the Cheapest Way to Remodel a Bathroom?

Re-use and refurbish. Remember these two words if you want to remodel on a tight budget. If you are looking to stimulate your bathroom with new appliances, storage space, etc., try starting your search at your local (or online) resell shop. You’d be amazed at what you can use to make a towel rack or peg!

Tighter budgets often means doing more with what you already have. Focus on items that can be refinished or repainted, such as the cabinets and walls. Changes in color have huge effect on spacial perception. You can easily take a dark room and give it a friendly atmosphere with a vibrant green or blue (or pink, for you ladies).

Wall Tiling

Should you Tile Bathroom Walls?

Maybe, if new wall texture is high priority for you. Tiling could take up a large portion of your remodeling budget. However, tile walls will be almost mandatory for smaller wet bathroom designs

How long should it take to tile a small bathroom? Setting the tile should only take a matter of hours. However, you will need a day for the tile to complete settle before starting the grouting process. Just don’t feel like you have to tile your bathroom for a remodeling project.

Get Your Bathroom Remodel Estimate!

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